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Insect Monitor Traps

Watch our video for instructions or read below for written instructions!

Monitor Traps

Each shipment comes with insect monitoring traps that can be used to monitor your results and find areas that need more attention.

Each insect monitor sheet tears into 3 separate monitor traps. Separate the traps and fold before placing (directions below). 

Place traps under the sink, in the pantry, beside entry ways, and any other areas you have seen activity.

Monitor results and use your Riddy aerosol where activity is seen. 
Tear the sheet into three separate traps. 
Fold the trap along the folds with the text facing the outside. 
The "Show Us Your Pest" side of the trap with the tab should be on top of the "Riddy Insect Trap" side. 
Tuck the tab into the slot to form your monitor trap.

Remove the interior sticker to expose the adhesive, and place in your desired location.