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How does a Riddy subscription work?

How does a Riddy subscription work?

Each Riddy subscription is customized to your location. Your box will come with everything you need for easy application.

Maintain a beautiful, pest-free home by spraying Riddy each time you receive your box.

Each Riddy subscription is customized to your location. Your box will come with everything you need for easy application.

Maintain a beautiful, pest-free home by spraying Riddy each time you receive your box.

Why choose Riddy?

Expert Solutions & Support

Each of our pest control subscriptions are designed by professionals with decades of experience. Lean on us to answer any questions you may have!

Speedy Results

Once you spray your Riddy solution, you'll start to see results in a matter of days!


Save money compared to traditional pest control services and solutions


Riddy empowers homeowners with user-friendly, comprehensive DIY pest control solutions, ensuring effective and easy-to-manage home maintenance.

Compare Riddy with the competition

Compare Riddy with the Competition

We offer the best way to get rid of bugs, it's a more comprehensive solution and costs less. Check out the details and you'll understand why you'll want to be ready with Riddy.

We offer the best way to get rid of bugs, it's a more comprehensive solution and costs less. Check out the details and you'll understand why you'll want to be ready with Riddy.

Riddy Pro

Professional-grade products at DIY prices

Our experts are on-call for you

Bonus products with every subscription

Quarterly shipments & application schedule
designed for your location

Riddy Green

The most effective plant-based pest control on the market

Our green pest control experts are on-call to assist you in creating a safer, pest-free environment

Bonus green products with every subscription

Quarterly shipments with a more frequent application schedule

See why customers love Riddy!

See why customers love Riddy!

Frequently asked questions

We offer three DIY pest control purchasing options with varying benefits to make doing your own quarterly pest control as simple as possible.

Let's face it: bugs are the uninvited party guests we'd all rather do without, but turning your home into a biohazard to get rid of them is a touch too dramatic, don't you think? Our pesticides are more of the secret agent of pest control - highly efficient, undeniably classy, and used by the world's top bug busters. They've seen action in schools, hospitals, and other high-traffic places, always delivering a knockout blow to any insect trespassers.

Of course, like any mission, there are rules of engagement. You must ensure your furry friends and little ones are kept away from the field of action until the area is fully dried. Each package arrives with a detailed set of instructions and safety guidelines.

With Riddy, you have access to the very same tools the big-league exterminators use, but here's the kicker - we've ditched the middlemen, the smooth-talking salespeople, and application technicians. This means you get all the bug-busting power at a fraction of the price.

Utilizing Riddy's products is straightforward and can be accomplished in merely 10 minutes. With each Riddy delivery, you receive comprehensive guidelines and advice on application. To access these guidelines or to view our simple instructional video, visit our Apply page.

We collaborate with renowned pest control manufacturers and experts to meticulously select and deliver premium, tried-and-tested pesticides that are tailored to your unique location and local pests.

To understand the specifics about the pesticides that are allocated to your area and other related information, visit our Riddy Pro product page or the Riddy Green and select the "View included pesticides/tools" option. 

With each shipment, we typically rotate the kind of pesticides we send out to enhance effectiveness and prevent insects from developing immunity to any particular pesticide.

In addition, we provide specially formulated treatments to customers facing specific pest problems or severe issues that require a targeted approach. In most instances, you will only need these for intense pest situations.

Every pesticide or treatment that we distribute undergoes a comprehensive safety and efficacy screening, ensuring that they not only match, but often surpass the quality of treatments utilized by your local professional pest control services. Each of our shipments is accompanied by the original EPA-approved label alongside complete safety information and application guidelines.

Our recommendation to the majority of our customers is to apply an outdoor barrier spray around their homes. This method is exceedingly effective for pest extermination in most situations. 

In the rare instance where indoor spraying becomes necessary, we advocate for a light application of the pesticide. This should be carried out carefully, ensuring human or pet food is safely moved away, and waiting until the product dries up before any interaction takes place. A light spray is all it takes.

Before beginning your indoor spraying, we urge you to thoroughly read through the safety information and further instructions provided on the label. Should you have any inquiries about indoor spraying, our friendly team of pest experts is on standby to assist you. Reach out to us here.

Our standard Riddy shipments cover residences up to 4,500 square feet.

For those who own larger properties, you can opt for our Riddy XL service, which accommodates homes up to 7,500 square feet.

At Riddy, your complete satisfaction is our top priority. If, for any reason, you're not entirely happy with our products or the results, we are committed to making it right. Be it offering specialized treatments, tailoring a unique treatment plan, or issuing a full refund, we will do whatever is necessary.

Reach out to our dedicated support team, who are always ready to help you and your home.

Maintaining a strong bug barrier around your house shouldn't be scary. With a Riddy subscription, every 2-3 months (depending on your local insects), a fresh pack will pop up on your doorstep.

Guaranteed no jump scares, just the friendly reminder to keep your home's invisible bug shield powered up. Never fear forgetting to reapply again.

While we'll be sad to see you leave, we ensure your subscription cancellation is hassle-free. Simply reach out to our customer service, and we'll take care of everything smoothly and swiftly.

Join the thousands who have made the switch from conventional pest control products to Riddy. Here are some reasons why Riddy outcompetes store-bought pest control products:

  • Superior product quality. The active ingredients in our pesticides are nothing short of top-tier, professional-grade, long-lasting solutions. At Riddy, we use modern, superior-quality insecticides that have proven effective against a wide range of insect species, including most of the typical household pests. This is the exact same stuff your local professionals use.
  • Personalized plans. Every Riddy plan is curated using our expertise and technology to amplify its effectiveness for your residence. What does this mean for you? You'll receive products that are made for the particular insects active in your area. All delivered at just the right time for application in your local climate. We don't believe in mass-produced, one-size-fits-all answers to pest control!
  • Resistance prevention built right in. We strategically rotate the pesticides we send to you to prevent insects from developing resistance to any one in particular, greatly enhancing their long-term effectiveness.
  • First-rate support. Our pest control specialists are on standby to guide you through the application process, ship out specialized treatments, or even assist in bug identification. Get in touch with our DIY pest control professionals whenever you need them!
  • Exceptional pest-free guarantee. Each Riddy subscription is backed by our pest-free guarantee. Should you encounter any bug problem, we pledge to resolve it without any additional charges to you, including shipping out specialized treatments or offering personalized assistance and tips over a phone call.
  • Riddy-culously easy application. Every phase of the application process has been simplified to the maximum, complete with all the items you need for the job. Our durable and reusable sprayer, user-friendly guides and video tutorials, and perfectly pre-measured products make do-it-yourself pest control a breeze.

The straight truth - pest control technicians and their sales team. Conventional pest control firms have to cover the wages of their technicians as well as expenses for trucks and equipment.

On top of that, they have to bear the cost of sales commissions, with some leading companies paying up to 50% of the contract's worth to their sales teams!

With Riddy products, you sidestep all these intermediaries, enabling substantial savings.

Every pesticide comes with essential safety measures that you need to pay attention to when applying it. When you receive your shipment, you'll find the registered label and comprehensive guidelines on secure pesticide application.

The instructions emphasize standard safety procedures when using the pesticide. These include wearing protective gloves (which are provided), wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants, and using closed-toe footwear.

The included label provides all the safety details you need to know. Knowledge is power!

Be sure to read the label and adhere to it!

The pesticide included in your package is safe for application on your home's trees, shrubs, and lawn. That being said, it's essential to avoid using it on consumable plants like vegetables, fruits, and other edibles.

To safeguard our bee populations and other pollinators, please refrain from applying it to blooms or plants that produce flowers.

Please refer to the enclosed product label/instructions for comprehensive information.

Riddy is a new solution from the same family behind DIY Pest Control, with over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry.

We aim to help thousands of homes become pest-free and save our customers time, money, and hassle with our convenient subscription-based service.

Our mission remains to provide professional-quality products with superior support at an affordable price.

So join Riddy today and experience the difference for yourself! Let's scare those bugs away together.

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Take control of your home

Take control of your home

Get started with a custom subscription for your space today!

Get started with a custom subscription for your space today!