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When pests show up, are you Riddy?


Continue below for our written application instructions or click here if you prefer to watch a video with all of the instructions. 
Riddy Pro Application Video
Riddy Green Application Video

Before You Start



Please keep  your favorite "helpers" (children and pets) out of the area while spraying and afterward until the spray has fully dried (usually 1-2 hours). 

 Always wear included disposable gloves, close-toed shoes, pants, and long-sleeve shirts.

protect the environment

To help protect our lovely pollinators, avoid spraying near flowering or pollen-producing plants. 

Do your best to avoid applying Riddy when rain is expected within the next 24 hours to help protect the water table (bonus: this will also give you the best results). 

Test Your wand

Before you start, we recommend testing out the band and wand with just water. Twist nozzle to adjust stream.
The stream spray is best for:  Under and around appliances
The barrier spray is best for: Barrier/perimeter of home, around doors & windows
The mist spray is best for:  Baseboards

Application Instructions

Select if you received Riddy Pro or Riddy Green below:

Riddy Pro

Riddy Green

Mixing Instructions for Riddy Pro

Put on your safety gloves and fill the Riddy application bag with water about halfway.

Carefully pour in the insecticide concentrate, making sure not to spill it. Shake the bag to mix the product thoroughly.

Pro Tip: Put water in the emptied insecticide concentrate bottle, shake, and then pour back into the application bag to make sure you get all of the Riddy magic!


Mixing Instructions for Riddy Green

Put on your safety gloves and measure out 4 ounces with your included Riddy Measuring Cup. 

*note that 4 ounces is HALF of the bottle. 

Pour the liquid into the Riddy Application Bag BEFORE you add water.

Don't forget that Riddy Green will need to be reapplied around 4-6 weeks after your first application. You will use the second half of your bottle for the second application. 



Fill the Riddy bag all the way to the fill line and then insert the tube and cap assembly in the bag. Close tightly and shake the bag again to mix the product.

Start spraying

Spray the perimeter of your home by standing about 2-3 feet away from your home's foundation to lightly apply the spray in a 4 foot wide band, extending 2 feet up the wall and 2 feet out on the ground.  You do not need to soak surfaces, just a light mist will do the job. 

Be sure to pace yourself and remember you can always respray areas if you have leftover mixture.

Pro Tip: Use the barrier spray setting on your wand for your home’s barrier treatment.
Spray around the edges of porches, decks, patios, and even inside the garage if you are seeing activity. While it won't hurt anything, spraying out in your yard doesn't help protect the perimeter of your home. 
Spray possible entry points like piping, around the AC unit, and/or crawlspace entrances. Think like a bug while spraying to find and cover all entry points!
In addition to your home’s foundation, be sure to spray around windows (avoiding the glass), doors, garage openings, and eves.


In warmer weather or if you are seeing increased activity, we recommend spraying indoors as well. Along the baseboards, spray every 2 feet and spray under and around appliances. Don’t forget to spray around windows (avoiding the glass) and doors as well. 

Pro Tip: Use the mist spray setting on your wand for baseboards, stream setting for under and around appliances, and barrier setting for around doors and windows.


FInishing up

If you have leftover mixture, reapply outside and in areas of high activity. Don’t let any go to waste!

After all mixture is used, run about 15-20 seconds of clean water through your wand to ensure no residual mixture is left inside. You can then dispose of your application bag, gloves and empty insecticide package (keep your wand). 

Keep pets and children away from all areas until the application is dry. This usually takes 1-2 hours.


Between Applications

Aerosol Treatment

We realize it's hard to completely keep all bugs out, so we have you covered between applications with your Riddy aerosol.

For indoor spot treatment, spray your Riddy aerosol in areas such as closets, around water pipes, doors, windows, behind kitchen appliances, under sinks, shelves, drawers, and similar areas where activity is seen. 

For crack and crevice treatment, spray the Riddy aerosol in cracks and crevices such as behind baseboards and door frames and void spaces where insects are harboring. Spray at a rate of three (3) linear feet per second. 

See a bug, spray a bug! Be sure to avoid food or food handling services. 

Riddy Aerosol can also be applied outdoors in areas you are still seeing activity. 

Pro Tip: Always read instructions or contact our Riddy Experts if you have any questions about applying the Riddy aerosol spray..

Monitor Traps

Each shipment comes with insect monitoring traps that can be used to monitor your results and find areas that need more attention.

Each insect monitor sheet tears into 3 separate monitor traps. Separate the traps and fold before placing (directions below). 

Place traps under the sink, in the pantry, beside entry ways, and any other areas you have seen activity.

Monitor results and use your Riddy aerosol where activity is seen. 
Tear the sheet into three separate traps. 
Fold the trap along the folds with the text facing the outside. 
The "Show Us Your Pest" side of the trap with the tab should be on top of the "Riddy Insect Trap" side.
Tuck the tab into the slot to form your monitor trap. 

Remove the interior sticker to expose the adhesive, and place in your desired location.